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The Booby Bib


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Introducing a revolutionary new maternity aid for breast feeding mothers

A lightweight, breathable, layered garment that ensures a comfortable night for nursing mothers.

Booby Bibs helps combat mastitis, a condition that develops during lactation that causes painful nipples and breasts and problems with milk ducts.

Booby Bibs also helps with maternal hygiene as it protects sheets, blankets, doonas and mattress, keeping them dry and clean. This greatly cuts back on washing work for mother.


  • Fully absorbs all breast milk.
  • Wear as a top or under pyjamas.
  • Eliminates Bras and Bra Pads.
  • Non-restrictive so may prevent the development of mastitis.
  • Fully machine washable.
  • Quick drying.
  • Easy access for feeding.
  • Keeps Mother and bed linen dry all night.
  • Soft, cosy, comfortable, breathable fabrics.
  • Save money by not buying bras/breast pads
  • Australian made and designed.
  • Sizes 8-22.
  • Patent Pending.



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With the arrival of our first child my house may as well have become a Laundromat. In one night I would leak through at least one (but often three) cloth nappies folded over a number of times to create the padding inside my t-shirt, another towel which I would lay on, and the bed sheets.

Thankfully with the arrival of our second child, I discovered the ‘boobybib’. It has been such a relief to find a product which eliminates loads of laundry (we all know a baby at home keeps us busy enough with laundry!) The boobybib allows me to sleep comfortably at night and absorbs all leakage. Now it is only the baby, not excess milk supply, which may wake me in the night.

I would recommend to anyone who has a leakage problem to try the Booby Bib. I have never met anyone who leaks anywhere near the amount I do (I have to use a cup to catch leakage from the opposite breast I’m feeding from when I feed the baby as a breast pad won’t hold the milk). If the Booby Bib works for me, it should work for anyone!

Emma Freitas

I have had the privilege of trialling the Booby Bib and have found it to be a huge asset to my breastfeeding. It is comfortable, and very easy to wash and dry. I did not leak at all - it's very absorbent. The zipper at the front allows me to feed my daughter easily. I use it mainly at night, however, because I found it so comfortable and supportive, I also wear it under my clothes during the day.

No more buying breast pads and having to worry about leaking, especially at night.

It was hard enough adjusting to breastfeeding, let alone having to worry about being uncomfortable and leaking. The Booby Bib is a fantastic product and I have been using it for 3 months now and I cannot speak highly enough about it.

Tania Stock

I found the Booby Bib fantastic. When I had my first baby, I had to wrap a towel around my chest , or wear my maternity bra at night. The draw back with these were, wearing the towel, it eventually fell off as I tossed and turned during my sleep or waking up flooded in breast milk in the morning created more unwanted washing.

Wearing the maternity bra, I found I often developed mastitis, as it was too tight around the base of my breasts.

Now with my second baby, having the Booby Bib, I have not had any leakages during the night and no sign of mastitis.

The Booby Bib is very comfortable to wear. Tossing and turning in bed at night, the Booby Bib maneuvers and hugs to your body easily, with no pulling at all. Wearing the Booby Bib, gave me a comfortable full nights sleep, especially once my baby slept through the night. Breastfeeding with the Booby Bib was incredibly easy. By unzipping the front zip down, my baby had easy access to my breast without taking off the Booby Bib alltogether.

I am very happy with my Booby Bib, it defiently made life easier at night.

Tina Teklenburg

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