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We at Boobybibs are customer driven and focused to ensure you are provided with the best information and service we can offer. The Boobybib has been designed as a lightweight, breathable, layered garment for sleepwear. Made from highly absorbent felt with superior fluid retention, the Boobybib soaks up all excess breast milk. Its special “stay dry” outer layer guarantees that mother and bed linen always feel 100% dry. Fully machine washable, it can be tumble dried and is made from highly durable fabrics. Because the Boobybib eliminates the need for expensive bras and breast pads, it is great value for money and pays for itself within a few short weeks. So if you want a comfortable night’s sleep and wake up feeling dry and refreshed, then Boobybibs is for you. Because the Boobybib top provides support without restriction, it allows your body to move more freely and may also help prevent the development of mastitis.

You can securely shop online using PayPal – the safe and trusted method of making online credit card payments. You don’t have to have your own PayPal account – click here to find out more about paying through PayPal. We also accept direct deposit, cheque and money order. All prices are inclusive of GST and postage.

If you have any queries about Boobybibs and how it can help you enjoy this most precious time for you and your baby, call or email. Thank you for visiting Boobybibs – come back soon.

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